Dream Horse Guesthouse


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bed and breakfast

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"Family, Pet, and Horse Friendly Innkeeping  - insights

Everyone has a story.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
Loving horses  & pets never gets old.
Running a B&B is personally rewarding.
Innkeeping is a dream job, ​ just as commonly thought" -  Catherine

​Award Winning
Triple Diamond 
 Inspected Inn

Child Policy - Well-behaved children only. Parents must supervise children and be responsible for damage, harm, and/or lost revenue. Thank you for cooperation. Have a wonderful stay!

Cancellation Policy - includes full refund (minus $20 registration fee) if cancellation occurs 2 weeks before reservation. Full refund if cancellation occurs after 2 weeks before reservation (minus $20 registration fee) and room is rented on given date(s), otherwise, no refund is given.

Find Pet Policies on Pet & Horse Stays (Accommodations) page.

Asia & Catherine -  photo 10/2014

​off duty


 Innkeeper Allan


​the resident cat

Lives - different as could be - before they met - still make stories for Innkeepers Allan and Catherine of Dream Horse Guesthouse (Bed & Breakfast). After marriage, they traveled years by ship to Europe and the USA east coast ports, then, explored parts of America. Mission work in NE Ohio kept them directed for several years 24/7. In 2003, they decided to revamp their commercially zoned dairy barn near Lake Pymatuning into a bed and breakfast. The solid timber frame, majestic presence, gigantic size, and historic value intrigues. An "Old World" eclectic interior theme does justice to the (near 100 yr old) barn and blends a rustic ambiance with elegance. Guests from near and far corners of the world come to stay since 2003.


Naval Veteran/Merchant Marine Chief Engineer Allan and Interior Designer Catherine merged careers into one of Hospitality in 2003. Dream Horse Guesthouse (B&B) was and is about sharing company in a delightful rural area that welcomes People, Pets and Horses.

Since raising Haflinger horses until 2015, the Innkeepers now offer their adjacent Dream Horse Boarding Barn solely to Guests' overnight horses. This Amish built 7 stall horse barn serves well to efficiently secure horses, and pastures & paddocks have electric fence for safety. The horse facility is not Public Domain.

The Innkeepers offer accommodations to guests - with or without pets or horses - and have appreciated the local and international experience. Fondly, Allan & Catherine witness an array of cultures, lifestyles, and stories. Guests join together while recreating, sharing words, or just relaxing, sometimes around the fire pit. Informality prevails, so guests are free to relax. Each person brings something unique to the table just by being present. Each guest may reveal their own "Dream Horse", a metaphor for a driving force or passion. Certainly, the Innkeepers' "Dream Horse" is the Guesthouse.

         Come and enjoy nesting in this rustic old barn for yourself. Sweet Dreams may be yours!